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Welcome to David Rose Printmaker, dedicated to the life and work of renowned Australian printmaker David Rose (1936-2006).

In addition to biographical information about the artist, you will find articles, interviews, critical reviews and essays, including a new major essay by Michael Kempson.

Those interested in Rose's own words regarding his philosophy, processes and techniques may particularly enjoy the transcript from the ABC's 1978 "Australian Artists" series, and Rose's own 1975 article for Imprint magazine.

Selected works of art by David Rose are available now for purchase. To visit the online store, please click on the link below.

David Rose is also represented on the National Gallery of Australia's Prints and Printmaking website, a listing comprising images and details of 240 of Rose's works.

David Rose drawing.jpg

1986 at Frazer Beach.JPG

At Frazer Beach, 1986

silkscreen prints (serigraphs)

David Rose gained renown as Australia's leading silkscreen printmaker. Rose's unsurpassed technical mastery enabled the expression of art works of profound elegance and subtlety.

1979 Bateau Bay with Bateau Bay Colours.JPG

Bateau Bay with Bateau Bay Colours, 1979

etchings and lithographs

Having studied lithography in Barcelona in the early 1960s, Rose returned to Australia and commenced a printmaking career spanning many decades.

1981 Angophoras.JPG

Angophoras, 1981


Displaying a prodigious talent at an early age, Rose's abilities in drawing and painting formed the basis of his vocation. Everything, from preparatory sketches for ceramic design to the many screens for printmaking, was drawn by hand. In his drawing and painting Rose favoured various media including ink, charcoal and gouache, occasionally even using the actual red earth of the area he was painting.